Wednesday, November 3, 2010

DomiNation in Philly

Another individual steps up to join the charge to Dominate Multiple Myeloma. This time it is Tom from Philadelphia/Ann Arbor who had never heard of Multiple Myeloma prior to my diagnosis. He has heard of it now and he is using the Philadelphia Marathon as his platform to grow awareness for Multiple Myeloma and raise $2,000 that will go directly to MM Research towards a cure.

I met Tom at the University of Michigan through Athletes in Action. Tom was an awesome guy back then and is an awesome guy now. He knows what it takes to succeed on and off the field having been a former U of M Soccer player....what out Myeloma!

Follow Tom Gritter's journey training for the Philadelphia Marathon and Domination of MM on Facebook.

Learn how to join the domination by going here.

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