Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankful Thursdays #4: My Little Rainbow

So I am cheating a little because my first Thankful Thursday I called out all my three little kids, but then singled out Ruby. This time I am singling out Iris, which is Greek for rainbow and why she got the name. Below is a picture of the two of us right before I was diagnosed.

When I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and sobbing over the potential of leaving my family in a few years, I'll be honest; my pain stricken heart and soul cried out over the potential that this cancer would force me to leave behind Ocean sooner than I ever thought. I knew that Cassie is such a strong rock that she would weather this or any storm and Iris was still all into mommy and we hadn't bonded yet like I had with my first born son.

But now over two years have passed and my little rainbow is older than what Ocean was at diagnosis. This Sunday she will be turning 3; although her personality makes me feel like she is closer to 17. Due to the circumstance caused by aggressive treatment, I have been able to spend a lot more time with Iris over the last six months. In that time I have been able to really grow close to this girl who proudly sports Lightening McQueen underwear every day and would rather skin both knees running with the boys than pick up a doll. She is a tough one. I keep saying that she is going to be the first woman president of this country, and without a first man.

I am so proud and thankful to be her daddy and she is really starting to melt my heart. She still will only let me kiss her on the top of her head and it must be on her terms, but yesterday for the first time she came up to me and shouted out, "I love you Daddy!" and barraged me with kisses on my shirt. I slipped her a quick $20 and said go by 25 gallons of chocolate ice cream all for yourself... and there is plenty more where that came from, my little rainbow.....

So much to live for...and this is why I choose to Dominate and remain Thankful.


Carla said...

That was a very nice post about your daughter. I am glad you have been dominating the cancer and are able to spend time bonding with your children! I am thankful that my preemie twins were able to dominate being born early with respiratory distress,and are now happy healthy 19 month old toddlers! If they had not dominated their struggles I would not get to spend everyday bonding with them!

Sean Murray said...

Beautiful, heartwarming post, Phil! The thought of leaving my kids (now 13 and 7) was very difficult for me, too. May you have many, many years to enjoy and be enriched by your children! Sean

Doris said...

I am thankful that my brother has completed the first three weeks of chemo in dominating MM and is doing fine. I am thankful that his young family is doing well and he is able to enjoy time with them and I wish him many years to continue to be with his family.