Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Baby Drama Follow Up

I really like blogging because it can be both cathartic and also the comments/feedback really help push us along not only in terms of positive encouragement and laughter (Chip is the man at this), but we receive confirmation on things like the gut feeling we have to move forward with transplant prior to the delivery of Chica numero dos (demasiado Dora y Diego!). We really appreciate folks feedback (so thanks!), even if we don't solicit it. We have come to realize that the experience of others is huge in shaping our decisions; especially in regard to this Myeloma journey because we are truly dummies most of the time. Beyond that, we just love to get the thoughts of those who both know us very well and the quick passer by who found our blog in a google search.

Now to the Baby Drama follow up. We spoke with our rockin' awesome medical team (and this is why communication is key) and their initial concern was geared around me going to the labor and delivery while I was hospitalized and recovering from my transplant. We actually agree that if the baby comes during this time we will rely on modern technology to provide a live feed of the birth. We also learned that we actually need to take all of this up with our Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) doctor who will manage my care during transplant and for 60+ days after. Good to know.

So it is still not clear how this is all going to fall into place, but we have learned over the last five years of doing life together (i.e. marriage) that for us, it is better to just put a stake in the ground that seems right at the time and then start knocking on doors to see how everything else falls into place (Hence, Dave W.'s recent comment made plenty of sense to me). The times when we felt things had to be a certain way we spent so much time and energy trying to knock down doors that would not seem to budge. Enough of that...

More to come after I speak with the BMT nurse today. We hope to get the ball rolling and get this BMT scheduled ASAP, which would be some time in late March I guess. That would mean my hair color will change early March for those who keep asking me when I am going to take the leap of faith and become a rock star.


Kindred Spirit said...

I promise to remember you and your family in my prayers throughout Lent. May God bless you all.

Rose said...

Hey Phil,
Good to check in with you and Cassie on Tuesday. In the brief time I've known both of you, I've discerned that you folks are wise beyond your years and will make the best out of whatever circumstances come your way. You both have had way too many circumstances to deal with at your young ages, but you have handled each challenge well and will continue to do this.
Your new baby girl, Cassie, Ocean, Iris and you will be surrounded by love and support no matter how the next few months evolve.

Out of four births, Craig made it to three. I kicked him out of the room just before #3 was born...what can I say? Those TV dramas of crazy women giving birth are sometimes true. However, Kid #3 and dad have a special bond, none-the-less. In terms of building a good father-daughter relationship, it's not always the first moments that are as important as all the ordinary moments in between. My dad never attended my birth (way back in the dinosaur days), but he has always been and remains my biggest fan.
I'm praying for everything to fall perfectly into place for you, Cassie and kids.

Jessica said...

you already are a rockstar. and cassie too. love you guys.

Amy said...

Wow! Thanks for the updates. Praying for you all! And listen, you have prayed and sought advice--at the end of the day you have to trust that God is leading you in the right direction.

You guys rock!

Shannon DelVenre said...

Hey Phil - It looks like you and Cassie are making great decisions and are very grounded! I just wanted to ease your mind a bit in terms of worrying how possibly not being at delivery and hospital when baby #3 is born might affect ability to bond with her and form a relationship - IT WON'T!!! Our twins (Emma and Colt) were born at 28 weeks and had to be in the NICU for almost 3 months. We couldn't hold them for a week and when we could it was limited to once a day for a bit. We worried about all the same things as I'm sure you are. Although it is not your ideal, all will be ok. We were able to bond with the twins when they were healthy enough and now you would never know it started off any different than the other kids! So, take care of yourself and all will fall into place with bonding and relationship with that baby girl when the time is right for both of you!

-The DelVerne's

Phil Brabbs said...

Wow Shannon, amazing words. Thanks for sharing your experience, it definitely helps put things in perspective!

I love all you Del's!