Tuesday, February 2, 2010

In a funk? Run 3 miles.

Some reason over the last two days I hit a foggy funk where my glass has not been 99% full. For those who know me and probably even those who follow this blog have learned that I am very optimistic and it isn't far fetched to think that maybe I had lasik eye surgery one day to fasten on those rose colored glasses.

Well, yesterday and today I could not find my pink tinted glasses and I had a hard time snapping out of my funk. There has not been anything specific weighing on me, I just felt blah and 6 cups of coffee, dominating water and hugging my kids couldn't get me out of it. I asked Cassie how long she gets in these sort of funks and she said that her whole pregnancy has been a funk! Oh man, I would not survive! More of a reason why Cassie is a champ.

As I was wasting away I decided that I would do the one thing I have stayed away from since starting chemo almost four months ago...excercise. Prior to starting chemo I ran in a 10k as my way of preparing my mind, body and soul for chemo. Since starting I haven't run once.....until today! I bundled up, strapped on some music and scooted down the street in the snow. It was very freeing and I felt like it gave me back some control. My energy level was also elevated after the run and the night culminated with a great dinner with some good old friends.

I don't plan on making running a habit, but I am willing to do whatever it takes to avoid losing my pink shades.


Ehrika said...

Amazing Phil! I love your rose colored glasses, and would want it any other way. I am training for my first ever triathlon and you are right, nothing like some excercise and some good music to take you away.


Carolyn said...

Phil - You are an amazing man!! We love you!! tweetie and david

libbylu said...

Phil, I certainly understand the funk. This is the week that my family and I were supposed to be on a Caribbean cruise. I should be floating in turquoise water right now instead of running to doctors appointments, chemo, and labs. I took my first Revlimid last night. Only 20 more days to go in this cycle! I also am attempting to return to work this coming Monday. The SCT won't be done until May or June so I figured while I still feel semi-normal and the screws in my neck hold up, I might as well be a productive memeber of society for a little while longer. While I won't be running 3 miles any time soon, I'm glad you got out there and got those endorphins flowing. You're going to have to start sending out those rose colored glasses. I think they're just my shade.


Anonymous said...

I always find a bit of exercise, and knitting (sometimes at the same time), does wonders to banish the blahs. I've started knitting with rose tinted wool - do you want to borrow some needles?

Jessie said...

I couldn't help but think of this Friends clip while reading your blog.


I think you should try running like this!

Phil Brabbs said...

Hilarious Jessie!