Saturday, February 27, 2010

You're about to pop!!!

I feel Cassie's pain when we go out in public. At the UMHS Cancer Center today every individual we passed by made a snap judgement of where they thought Cassie was in her pregnancy and all were two months off! Comments like, "Any day now...huh?" or "You are about to pop!!!" could be heard every step to and from our destination. I'll try to post a shot of her with the little girl who still has roughly 8 more weeks of cooking.

In terms of what could have been my last Velcade infusion at UMHS for a while was very uneventful. What started out as a roller coaster ride after the first two cycles due to all the side effects of the chemotherapy, eventually leveled off into peaceful, kid-free dates at the cancer center.

More on the non-chemo/cancer front, Ocean turns 4 on Sunday! To think he was just 2.5 at diagnosis is unbelievable to me. This kid is hilarious, loving and pretty brilliant. He has really grown attached to his Daddy over the last couple of months and I am really enjoying every moment I get to spend with this little bugger.

Chemo Cycle #7 of RVDD ends on Monday and we are still trying to work out the timing of the transplant. No real answers yet on whether we can move it up to be a month after chemo ends, but that still is our desire.


Lorna said...

Ouch. Poor Cassie. It is hard to believe how insensitive people can be sometimes. Having been there, done that and got 5 T-shirts, I tend to ask "When is the baby due?" rather than assume it's next week! The last 3 months seem to drag I remember that.
Hope everyone is as well as can be expected.

libbylu said...

Congratulations on finishing the chemo. I'm enjoying my week off of Revlimid. Only 2 more cycles to go then I will find about my transplant. Hope you get the answers you are looking for.

Boy, I remember those last few weeks of pregnancy. Hope Cassie is feeling well.


libbylu said...


I forgot to ask you if you will be having another bone marrow biopsy before the transplant or if you had one done recently. They want to check mine again as the marrow still showed about 40% myeloma cells the last time. My doc wants it down to at least 20% before they do the transplant. I will have it done in April after the last 2 cycles. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


Jennifer said...

While 7 months pregnant with baby number 2 I had a lady say "You must be due any day!" I respond, "Not really I still have 2 months to go" to which she gets out her shovel and digs the hole deeper and says "Oh you are expecting twins!" Like a light bulb went on. Me, "Nope, just one." she wasn't tired of digging apparently because she replied, "WOW! You are really big for only one baby."

I let it go because she was really young and skinny and I figured someone will beat her up some day for me. LOL! JUST KIDDING! But seriously some people really need to filter what they say before they let it out of their mouth.

Hang in there Cassie! You are adorable!

Carolyn said...

Happy Birthday to Ocean!!! Ocean's great-grandmom has her 90th birthday on Sunday (no Feb. 29th this year, so we'll celebrate on 2/28)! Wish you guys were here to celebrate with us! Love & kisses & hugs to Phil, Cassie, Ocean and Iris! tweetie

Phil Brabbs said...

Jodi- Yes, I have a bone marrow biopsy scheduled in March before transplant. This will be my fourth one :) Are you going to be doing a tandem transplant, or is there only discussion on doing one?

Carolyn- We miss y'all down there! Give Granny a hug and kiss from all of us today!

libbylu said...

Right now there is discussion of doing and auto and an allo. Not quite sure at the moment. I don't go back to the Philly oncologist until late April. Hopefully all will be decided then.