Monday, October 5, 2009

10K is over, Time to race through treatment

On Sunday Ocean and I competed in the 10K Big House Big Heart run that finishes in the University of Michigan football stadium.

Although there were not 110,000 people in the stands I feel like over the last number of months we have been getting enough hugs, phone calls, emails, facebook messages, blog comments, tweets, and even old fashioned letters that would fill that stadium.

I am so thankful... for the awareness of Multiple Myeloma that is growing due to my diagnosis. Better than the awareness is the opportunity we have received to reconnect with so many awesome and caring people whom we have met and shared experiences with during different stretches of our lives. Not to mention all the cool new people we are meeting along the way. We feel so lifted up and empowered to take on the Myeloma with an army of loving support.

The biggest take away from running the 10K was the importance of having a loving community nearby. I was blessed with the opportunity to run the race with three guys I lived with during my final year of college. We were able to run the race at a pace of 8:42 with three strollers carrying a total of four kids; one being my son (Ocean) who is 3.5 years old, over 40 pounds and probably a little over-sized for the jogging stroller.

At the end of the race I was greeted by my wife, daughter and father who were sporting their shirts that said: "My [Husband/Daddy/Son] is my Hero".

Inside I did everything but cry. I felt so loved at the end of the race and it numbed all the pain from the race. It will be that same love that will get us through this next part of the race and we are so thankful to have you by our side.

Thanks everyone!



kbkicker said...

Coach Brabbs.... Keep the faith you will win this battle with all of our support!!
Kyle Brindza

kt said...

I remember that kick. I went nuts when it went through the uprights. My wife thought I was crazy. Our thoughts go to you and your family. Hang in there. Go Blue! Go Phil!

Ken Taylor
Michigan '97

Todd said...

Sorry I missed the run. We had our baby shower on Sunday...I think I'd have been less exhausted running a 10k! Keep us posted on ways we can help, and get involved.

Phil said...

Thanks Kyle! Keep dominating that football on Friday nights!

Thanks Ken!

Todd- There's always next year. The plan is to run faster next year with my cancer free body. Can't wait to see the little one.

Todd said...

Oh Lord, I better start training now...I haven't run that far...ever! Have I mentioned I hate running...odd for a soccer playin nut...