Friday, October 16, 2009

Still in the Hospital

So I am still being held hostage against my own will at the hospital. I was admitted last night, after roughly 16 hours in the ER running a series of tests that proved my suspicion that I was just full of crap and that dropping laxative bombs was the answer to all my problems. But if would have been that easy I would have missed out on the extra radiation from my CT Scan, plus the other 2 imaging devices they used to rule things out. The CT Scan results are back and there are no concerns. I guess peace of mind is worth something, but I was hoping for a peaceful bowel and taking snapshots of my mid-section all day wasn't getting me there. Not to mention I was pushing 48 hours of no sleep and food. That makes for a not-so happy Phil.

So how do I get out of this place?!?!? Answer: the doc says I need another bowel movement before I can go. So yes, I have to go before they will let me go. How crappy is that? Talk about some pressure. The worst part in my mind is that they are not pushing laxatives and they also don't want me to drink water. As a doctor in training through this experience, I would think Laxatives and Water are the god send to solve these issues, but apparently I am just a washed up kicker who needs to be obedient and more trusting.

We'll be sure to do a Vlog (Video blog) of our ER visit/hospital experience later today. I actually recorded myself in the ER yesterday when I was very upset....not sure if I am going to expose that side of me to the public....unless you guys comment and tell me to do otherwise!

Go Blue, Dominate Myeloma.



jilly kristine said...

Hey Phil - I think that showing "that side" of yourself would be good - so that everyone knows what you're really going through... its not always easy. just my opinion though... :) Talk to yous oon!

Jennifer said...

Jodi starts her chemo today. I think I will send her some stewed prunes. Maybe this is just God's way of giving you a better understanding of what your wife goes through after birth. You know they don't let you leave then either until things are exiting properly.
Hang in there and keep on kicking it. Oh and please vlog it! Keep it real right? It will help me feel better about loosing it with the nurse when I was in the ER with a kidney stone. It was completely uncharacteristic of me. Afterward I had to go apologize to her for my own peace of mind. She chuckled about it and reassured me that my behavior was not that bad and very understandable considering the pain I was in. I still felt awful.

amy said...

uch, how frusterating. i will pray that God will "Move" quickly and powerfully :)

and lets see the video blog from the ER!

Mary said...

I just found your blog yesterday & was quickly drawn into & heartened by your story. My brother has MM. A favorite quote of mine (source unknown)is, "If we meet only at our point of strength it brings competition & insecurity, but if we meet at our point of weakness it brings safety & intimacy." So I vote for you not holding back from sharing the video! You're on my heart & in my prayers!

EJ & Roo said...

i say go for it and share the vlog from the ER!
glad things started moving along! hope you don't have to be held capture there much longer!

Baj Family said...

Expose that side please. We've only seen the goofy dominating kicker! Also...drop that deuce!

Charlie said...

Hey Phil,

My Family and I are praying for you and rooting for that deuce!

Best bowel wishes,
The Browns

tim's wife said...

I think at this point the cheer should be "Go Brown!"
:o) sorry-I couldn't resist.
Sometimes they don't want to overdo the laxatives lest "when that eagle
lands" they have to call in the
Haz-Mat team.

keri m said...

Please, please, don't vlog any eruptions. I'm a sensitive viewer who will have to hide behind my couch.

Jilly said...

Hopeing you have a BM soon:)

Wes said...

My wife dominated breast cancer last year... starting a couple days after having our first child. The poop issues are no joke. You have the right attitude... keep having fun .

Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans.

Anonymous said...

I'm Sorry to hear of your capture but hope you're feeling good today!

My aunt starts her treatment this Tues. Vel/Dex & Biaxin here we come.
I'm going to warn her of stomach lava and also the benefits of befriending her laxatives.

Have a happy weekend, I'm sure the hornets nest will be knocked down.
Personally, I'll be watching sparty whoop on some pussycats!

Cassie said...

Jennifer, Phil had a similar experience with a nurse apparently. He also apologized and, knowing Phil, probably offered to buy her a beer or something too. I hope Jodi is doing well, and that you are also holding up alright.

Mary, thank you for following us and for that awesome quote! Love it. Blessings of peace and healing to your brother and your entire family.

Tim's Wife and Keri.... HAAAAA!

Wes, thanks for the encouragement! I hope your wife is well. We have learned a bit about breast cancer recently from some friends of ours.

Mustang- tell your aunt to dominate those laxatives! And best of luck to her as she begins her treatment.

Thanks everyone!