Saturday, October 10, 2009

You guys are too much.

Holy Myelomey... we spent the majority of our morning and early afternoon stuffing, addressing and mailing envelopes full of Cancer Kicker bracelets to you all. Some were sent clear across the country, and some were sent to addresses just a few streets away from ours. The entire time I was on the verge of tears because, seriously everyone... thank you. I can't believe how many of you donated so generously and sent amazingly encouraging messages, some of you already dear friends but most of you never having met us. We are touched and humbled and so, so grateful to all of you, our friends, old and new.

I took about 35 envelopes to the post office today. I was told they would go out on Monday so if you payed via Paypal you should be getting your stash sometime next week. Wear 'em proud. The more people there are who learn about multiple myeloma (MM), the more likely spell check is to eventually STOP telling me it doesn't exist. We don't want to just kick it, we want to cure it.

Off to get the kids in bed and get ready for a little football action. Go Blue!

Picture of Phil dominating his nightly chemo pills in preparation for the Wolverines domination of the Hawkeyes:


EJ & Roo said...

the picture is hilarious! i'll have to order your bracelets -- we have the ones from IMF but yours are way cooler! :) good luck with wrapping up cycle one!!

tk said...

Who dominated who?? Sad for you!

Not really a football fan but am an Iowa alum so couldn't let that pass.

Glad chemo is going well


Cassie said...

Ouch, Teresa! Thanks for stopping by, even if only to taunt us. ;)

I hope you are doing well. You remain in our thoughts.