Wednesday, October 14, 2009

If you ordered bracelets...

Will you do me a huge favor and send an email to and tell me how many wristbands you want, if you haven't already? Please also include your name so I can match it up with the correct order. I have hundreds of orders to sort through (thank you , everyone!) and 99% of them didn't specify a quantity which means I'm having to email everyone individually and wait for responses before I send out orders. So if you all could do me that small favor that would free up many hours of my evenings and early mornings!

Thanks again, so much everyone, for your support and generosity. We put in another order for bracelets which should be here next week so if you placed an order in the last couple of days we'll get your bracelets shipped by the end of next week.

Y'all are rock stars. We're blown away by the support.

XOXO- Cassie

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Rashelle said...

As far as the hair dying goes, how about blue & Yellow stripes....if it's even possible. At least it's football season and all.