Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Chemo Dorks: Day 1

More to come on this post after we make it through Day 1 of chemo (noon kickoff). Phil will not be resisting drugs today, so hopefully the DARE police don't follow our blog.


Mustangbz said...

You guys are awesome!!!

I hope day 1 is cake.

Amy said...

Hope it went smoothly!

(Sweet T-shirt.)

jddeeg said...

We just found out what you're going through and we're very surprised by this news. You are a great guy and a wonderful coach and mentor to Bobby. We are confident that you will beat this. It looks like you have an amazing group of family and friends that are praying for you and supporting you through your recovery…now you can add the Deeg’s to that list.

Joe, Darlene, Bobby & Bradley

Nick said...

Today you began the first day of your cure, my friend. PLEASE call on me if I can help with any questions, including side effect management. For example, your best anti-nausea friends are Kytril, Emend, and Zofran, with Ragalin as a backup at Ativan at night time to help you sleep.

Such a wealth of drug information! :)

Seriously, I would love if I can help in anyway, even if it's just to give you moral support during the inevitable periods of exhaustion that will happen.

Your family is never far from our thoughts and prayers...again please call on us if we can do ANYTHING for you.

Now get out there and kick this thing's butt like Michigan used to beat USC!!!


Nick van Dyk
Myeloma Patient

Becky said...

Major, major dorkage.

Love it!