Friday, October 16, 2009

Phil & Cassie Plus Cancer Show: Going Home!

After 36 hours in both the ER and the hospital finally a young, beautiful, angelic resident gave us our release! We love you R!!!! Now that we are home, Phil is starting on the GoLYTELY, which will probably be anything but light. He's really hoping to make the Michigan Football game tomorrow with Ocean. They plan to go on the field before the game to watch the winged helmets run out of the tunnel and take the field.

Thanks to Anna for an awesome dinner last night. The perfect meal for Phil's belly trouble, and also the perfect meal for those of us who were just HUNGRY! We have the best friends ever.


Sarah Reed said...

Hey Brabbs Family~

So glad to hear that you are finally home, where I know it must be much more comfortable! It makes us feel good to hear that the people there are taking such good care of you. We miss you guys dearly! You are in thoughts and prayers daily.

Love you~
The Reed Family, Cornelius, NC

Z said...

Phil and Cassie....thank The Man upstairs that you are finally home. We have been thinking about you guys all day and our hearts totally go out to you.

Dang, that is one big jug of drano..let's hope it does the trick!

Dominate, dude.

EJ & Roo said...

glad you're finally home!!

Alysa said...

Thinking about you all and praying for you a lot! Dominate that lava!

Kindred Spirit said...

Great news! Keep up the good work!

Erin said...

Mike says to mix the juice with chocolate milk. I'd like to recommend mixing it with vodka. Your choice.

Cassie said...

Reeds, we miss you guys! Hope it's not too long before we get to hang out again. =)

Zak... many thanks and big hugs to you and Moira! I hope all is well on your end.

Thanks for the prayers, everyone. Erin, please tell Mike I got his message and we appreciate your offer to help!

Love you all.

Amy said...

Wow. Sounds like a party! You guys are amazing--praying for you.

Amy McKenna said...

We're glad you are back from the hospital! I used GoLYTELY before a colonoscopy a couple years ago, and it was actually fairly "gentle" and pretty effective. I hope it brings results, and soon!