Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Dominate Army

Zak, President of the Cancer Kicker Foundation, used the term "Dominate Army" today in one of his facebook posts on the Cancer Kicker Facebook page and it really struck a cord deep within me.

One year ago July we were in Little Rock, AR seeking a second opinion from the renown, eccentric, caring and hilarious Dr. BB who recommended we start treatment immediately after uncovering over 100+ bone legions throughout my body. The cancer had gone from smoldering to a nice warm campfire. We decided it was time to dominate Multiple Myeloma.

Through this pursuit a force or "army" has been raised to help us build momentum and maintain some sanity. Even still today our church, family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, former teammates/coaches, medical staff are committed to bringing us meals and whatever we need as we sort through the chaos of being young with MM...which is allowing us to focus on one thing, dominating MM.

We are so thankful for the recent media attention that allows us to be a voice for this disease which is often mistakenly called "multiple melanoma". All of this could not happen without all the support around us. I think Matt (here's his caringbridge & blog), a young MM patient from Columbus said it best:
"I feel terrible for Myeloma. It's messed with the wrong people."
That's dead on Matt, Myeloma messed with the wrong people and now it has a whole army to respond to, the Dominate Army!

Thanks everyone for joining forces to dominate MM. -Phil


Sean Murray said...

It's never felt so RIGHT to be so WRONG - the wrong kind of person for MM to mess with, that is. Great point of view, Matt - thanks!

Going through this is certainly a battle of wills. A Super Bowl pales in comparison to this contest. I'm not interested in giving Myeloma any easy yardage. In fact, my don't-know-anything-about-giving-up team is on the offensive. MM may have struck first, but now it's on the run. Thanks, Phil, for showing us how to keep in the game. Sean M.

Roobeedoo said...

Oh my - I wouldn't like to mess with some of those young men! (um - don't interpret that the wrong way please!)