Saturday, June 12, 2010

Two Days, Two out!

We are finding it very difficult these days to find the time and energy to blog. Also, I realize the longer you go without blogging, the harder it is to put the ink to the paper because there is so much to cover. So rather than hash out what has gone on over the last two months since I had my first stem cell transplant, I'll try to do a better job documenting this continuous cancer journey.

Below are some photos that that mark today's journey which included a visit to good old Schembechler Hall, the Big House and Washtenaw Dairy.

Ocean weighing himself in the Michigan Football locker room. He has cleared 40 lbs officially.

Ocean walking down the tunnel (on the left) into the Big House.

Ocean enjoying the sun in the Big House.

Iris and Ocean relaxing in the Michigan Locker Room at the Big House. If they only saw what the locker room looked like when I was there.

A view from the newly added luxury boxes at the Big House. Anyone want to donate their seat?

Ending the day with some ice cream from Washtenaw Diary...yum.

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