Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Phil's Vacation: Day +7

I had a great day again hanging out with friends, Ruby and even skyped with Ocean and Iris! Also, Dr. J stopped by for a visit, which was pretty awesome. I don't talk much about Dr. J, but I think very highly of him as a person, researcher and care provider. He is extremely passionate about finding a cure for all Multiple Myeloma patients; which is a big reason we chose him as our oncologist. I don't think my experience would be as positive if it was not for him and his staff. He gets a Dominate Sticker for being so flippin' brilliant.

Transplant Tip of the Day: Eat and drink what you can, not what you can't. My first transplant I was very inhibited by my throat sore; therefore, only soft mushy foods were good to swallow. So I eventually learned to order the same meal three times a day! The chemo really shocks my appetite to the point where only super salty or super sweet things are even desirable; on top of the fact that I have no hunger whatsoever. So I have learned to eat and drink the things that give me enough calories to keep my body weight from dropping any more than 10 lbs. The first transplant I managed to maintain even weight!

A quick update on Dominate shirts. Zak is going to have a shirt packaging party for anyone who wants to participate. All volunteers will get a free dominate shirt for helping him out. If you are interested, email Zak at Zak at cancerkicker dot org. If you haven't gotten your shirt yet, today is your day! Just click here:


Laura Brabbs said...

Oh my goodness, Ruby is sooooooooo cute!!!! I can't wait to meet my lil niece!

mizjom said...

Hey Phil,
This is Mrs. Jominy. I will never forget cleaning the HOLE with your mom and of course the kitty! I've been following you and want you to know that I've been praying for you and your family. I don't have a fb page but I hijack Ashley's and follow you there as well. Your strenght and courage is inspiring. Your family is beautiful and you and Cassie are doing a great job raising them. I pray the Lord will keep you strong through this healing process. Keep dominating!

Stacey said...

PHIL . . . . You are looking great and your attitude towards it all is totally amazing . . . .RUBY is adorable . . . . absolutely adorable . . and of course a great motivation for you . . . .but I have been following your journey . . .and you are so inspirational . . .I wanted to thank you for keeping up with the blog . . . and doing all that you do . . . .

I know that I gave you a hard time about the shirt . . . I was really teasing. . . .because I know that people don't usually carry my size . . .

Here is something that I thought of from your video . . . .I live in CT . . . and wouldn't mind setting up the mailings for you . . . .pack and ship the shirts . . .so that everybody else can do other things to help you . . .I can't do much. . . but I know that I can pack and label!*LOL*

I am praying for your recovery. . . and that you don't have to go through this anymore!!!!

HUGE HUGS!!!!!! Stay strong and know that so any people care about you . . .and love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya,