Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Week of Unbelievable Support

I have completed a full week since my admission at UMHS. I just wanted to take a step back and thank everyone amidst the storm for their overwhelming support. Every blog comment, facebook message, email, etc., really helps fuel my domination. I really thrive on social interaction, especially when it is so positive and encouraging. So thanks!!!

Here are some quick stats from the last week that are just remarkable. Maybe, just maybe, there will be some people diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma who will have heard about it before they are diagnosed. Although I wish they were never touched with the disease....something the Cancer Kicker Foundation wants to work on.
  • Personal Blog (MM For Dummies): 6,851 Visits from 47 Countries and 45 States
  • Cancer Kicker Facebook Page: 1,256 New fans and over 600 Interactions
  • Dominate Shirts (available here): over 100 sold and shipped! (thanks Zak)
I'll leave you with a photo of two students who discovered while in Madagascar (of all places) that they both were wearing Dominate bracelets. Either the world is getting smaller or the dominate message is getting out! Thanks to everyone out there who is living a life of domination and inspiration amidst difficulty. Keep dominating. -Phil


Kindred Spirit said...

Still praying for you, Phil. And to "cheer" you on:
"2, 4, 6, 8,
come on, Phil--
just dominate!
Go-o-o-o-o-o-o, Phil!!!!" :)

CancerKicker said...

KS- Now that is a cheer I can get behind! Thanks for being such a prayer warrior through this journey.

Laura Brabbs said...

Kindred...I love the cheer!!! Total sweetness. Love you bro!!!! I am just waiting to bump into someone who is wearing the dominate bracelet or shirt, that is going to be awesome!

CancerKicker said...

Thanks LL :) Keep taking good care of your stem cells for me and have a good time up North!

Jodi said...

What a way for two bracelets to meet. Our bracelets are on a Lufthansa flight as I type this and should be landing in Frankfurt shortly. I ordered dominate shirts earlier this month and didn't think they would arrive in time for the trip. They got here today an hour before George and Sarah were due to leave for the airport. Now with bracelets and t-shirts, they can double dominate four countries in twelve days and spread the word.

Keep up your good spirits,


Sandy said...

The stat report was quite awesome and it is good to know your message has gotten such a wide spread! Prayers continue on your behalf here in the NW for a successful process.

Sid said...

I always enjoy reading your blog Phil. Leaves me feeling part of "Team Phil". You serve the myeloma community well.
Lots of love to your family.

CancerKicker said...

Jodi- OMG, that is awesome! I can't wait to see the pics!!!!

Sid-Thanks Sid! I really love the MM community; they have really helped keep me going. The least I can do is take my talents to serve the community and advance things. Keep dominating and you are definitely part of Team Phil or better known as Team Dominate!!!! :)