Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My(eloma) Buddies

I still remember the commercial back in the 80's for "My Buddy". It would go: My buddy (My Buddy), wherever I go, he's going to go! And then of course there was "Kid Sister" that came to the market as well.

The good news is that Paula of Feresaknit's Blog has provided a much cooler replacement known as Myeloma Buddies and she is sending all of the proceeds to the Cancer Kicker cool is that?!?

Ocean, Iris and Ruby all have their dolls as seen below. Ocean's has earned the name Wolverine and the other two dolls will be named later.

These Myeloma Buddies are already traveling the world and becoming stars at events like ASCO. Just check out Dorothy who is mothered by the Adventures of Cancer Girl. If you would like to see more pictures or even order a doll, go here. We plan to add the Myeloma Dolls to the dominategear website soon.

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