Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Phil's Vacation: Day -1

Cassie and I have been joking for the last few days that my transplant up at UMHS is going to be a two week vacation because it will be a break from the daily activities of caring for kids, cleaning the house and all that good stuff that comes with being all grown up.

So I am titling this series of video blogs "Phil's Vacation" to put a positive spin on the time away from family and the challenges that come with a bone marrow transplant. The goal is to capture the whole stem cell transplant process in order to take some of the fear, uncertainty and unknown out of it for future transplant patients. Plus, give my family, friends and followers a taste of what I am going through.

So enjoy....Day -1 of my vacation at UMHS.

In all things....dominate!

Phil #34


Julie said...

Hey Phil- MM pal Julie here :) Thank you so much for doing a play by play for us headed up the same road! You look great, sound great and I know you will do great! I just completed 2 days of stem cell collection. Over 5 million stemmies collected on Monday; will find out about Tuesday's collection, today. Thank you thank you for your amazing blog... and you being so amazing and helpful to all of us in this crazy MM club. Hi to Cassie and the darling kiddies too! Domination Nation is YOU!!! Take care, and all the best, Julie from CA :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, that so makes me wish I'd vloged throwing up in my rice pudding! ;D