Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Phil's Vacation: Day +6

Day +6 is in the books! Today felt a lot like yesterday, which is good. My first transplant I remember neutropenia really running me down. I think the company throughout the day is probably playing a key role on my emotional and physical health, although I recall last time that I didn't want any visitors. I think it helps being my second transplant in that I know what to expect....like nurses coming in at midnight for vitals, 4am blood draw and 6am meds!

Transplant Tip of the Day: Get Netflix and bring in your laptop! There are a lot of great t.v. series that are available for viewing online! I highly recommend Friday Night Lights.

Correction from yesterday: I did not come up with the neck/throat ice pack idea. Cassie ever-so kindly reminded me that it was her stroke of brilliance. Way to go Sweetie, I owe you big time!

SEGA...domianted: My boy Steve brought his SEGA which is probably from 1993. We took on some bad guys....it was pretty legit.

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Rebecca Weber said...

Phil, I am so busy praying for you. You have the kids and Cassie and we need you too.