Saturday, October 17, 2009

Phil & Cassie Plus Cancer Show: Parking Cars

My stomach problems don't resolve in time for me to go to the game with Ocean. So I decide to dominate parking cars in stead.


EJ & Roo said...

good luck with that van! glad you're keeping yourself entertained! i think you should have charged $25 -- who's gonna say no to someone with myeloma? :)

Kindred Spirit said...

Go, Phil! (in more ways than one...) :-)

Jennifer said...

You're house is gorgeous. Hubby's one wish is to have a wrap around porch. Maybe someday but you are a little close to the enemy, er, opponents for us.
Sorry you had to miss out on the game with your son. Sounds like it was a runaway train. You can be proud of your boys on blue for sure!

tk said...
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tk said...

Google "chemo brain", LOL :)