Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cancer Takes Back Seat To Soccer

Although I wasn't feeling great on Saturday, I wouldn't miss Ocean's second soccer game for anything. Some awesome friends of ours let Ocean drop in and play with a team of 3 year olds for the last two games. His first game was last week where he ended up in tears versus on the soccer field. I later asked Ocean why he was upset and he said it was because he didn't have a green jersey. It's amazing what kids pick up on and what makes them feel not part of the team.

So this week Ocean got to wear his buddy's green soccer shirt so he could fit in. His buddy Ethan happens to be a few years older and Ocean just looks up to him. So he was very excited to be able to sport his buddy's jersey. I was just happy to see Ocean on a team of kids where he could play together. We pulled the little guy out of pre-school this year to help avoid infections that he could bring home. So to see him out there high five-ing other kids was huge.

The best part of soccer at any age is the juice box after the game. Ocean was smiling ear to ear. He also got a chocolate chip bar and dominated an apple. I was very proud of the way he was able to listen to coaches and run tirelessly up and down the field.

Lastly, this is Ocean coming to give me a high five after he scored his second goal. My favorite part was seeing him celebrate with his teammates. He made much improvement in just one week and hopefully next year he can start playing with a team from the beginning. I hope to make many more of Ocean's games.


{(C)} said...

Is that a Spider-Man hat? Awesome! Ask your mother-in-law about my Spider-Man obsession when I was a kid sometime. It's an amusing story.

Phil said...

C-dawg: your nephew is following in your footsteps. He is wearing spider man gloves and after the game I put on his spider man winter boots. He also sings a spider man song.

Alysa said...

I love this post! Thanks for sharing this. It makes me smile :) And I am so glad that Ocean knows how to dominate and apple. Good boy!