Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Velcade vs. Veggie Patty at Subway

The latest hiccup in chemo was today after I consumed either Velcade or a footlong Veggie Patty from Subway. For someone who doesn't ever struggle with nausea...ever, it was tough lying down with a mouth overflowing with bitter saliva and a fiery stomach that was utterly pissed off by either the Velcade or the Veggie Patty, my apologies on both Mr. Stomach, but at least get used to the friggin Velcade by now which was my six infusion in 4 weeks.


Cassie was great in confirming that I don't have the flu and making sure that I get a good nights rest. She sent me off to bed around 6:30pm with one Zofran to combat the nausea.


EJ & Roo said...

hope you're feeling better. zofran works wonders on my mom's nausea!! ativan does too espcially for her restless nights.

Cassie said...

Vomitus Eruptus. Poor Phil. He's much better this morning and hard at work (from his new home office- huzzah).

{(C)} said...

My guess would be the veggie sub. Sometimes cheap soy products give me a rock in my gut like you wouldn't believe. Especially soy ice cream! That's why I eat it before bed so the distress happens while I'm asleep and I wake up and get rid of it (if you know what I'm sayin').