Monday, November 16, 2009

An update on the cookie-tossing situation

Okay, first of all, anti-nausea medications must lower inhibitions because WOW! I can't believe Phil opened up the marijuana can o' worms on the blog. But hey, desperate times, ya know?

Second, we will be taking another week off of chemo so Phil's system can get back to functioning normally- whatever that is. He spent some time at the infusion center today double-fisting about three liters of IV fluids since he's been so sick for the last few days, and we'll head back again in the morning for more of the same.

We're also still working on the constipation issue, since our team feels that's exacerbating the nausea and vomiting. Phil is already on an intense bowel regimen so I don't really know what else they can do but we plan to address that (again) tomorrow.


I'm going to feed my unborn child and get myself to bed. I hope the goin' is good with all y'all.


Amy McKenna said...

I hope the nausea and constipation (what a lovely combo) get better soon. Yay for remembering to feed your unborn baby. :)

{(C)} said...

Talk about it openly! It will help!