Friday, November 20, 2009

How Michigan Men are Made

The Michigan Daily article has hit the press so you can read my quotes and the entire article by going here. I was extremely humbled to be interviewed as part of the story because if you look at the other names they included: Carol Hutchins, Lloyd Carr, Bo Schembechler, Desmond Howard, Ron Kramer and Red Berenson. These people will me Michigan (Men and Women) sports legends for years and decades to come. I guess it goes to show that maybe the answer to my question in the original Daily article (What is the purpose of Multiple Myeloma in my life?) is starting to slowly unfold as thousands of people are learning about it through not just my struggle, but our struggle.

On Phil's health news front, my nurse and P.A. in oncology requested that I go to the E.R. (don't worry mom) so that I could see a G.I. I pleaded to the nurse for another way, given my last experience in the E.R. So here I am, playing the waiting game in the E.R.. Once again thank you modern technology gods for making wireless internet pass through brick walls. I am hoping this doesn't end in an admission because my beautiful daughter turns two tomorrow...oh yeah...and there is a big football game that's going down at Noon and someone needs to park all those cars on my lawn!

God Bless all! -Phil


Kindred Spirit said...

I'm still praying for you all. By the way, since you mentioned parking cars, did you ever get that one out of your yard from the last game? From the picure of it you posted, it must have been interesting trying to extricate it. :-)

Phil said...

K.S. - They got out, but they definitely took some turf with them! Nothing a little spring overseeding can't fix!