Thursday, November 5, 2009

Coupla things

Tomorrow morning is the last infusion of the cycle. Let's hear it for zero hospitalizations this round! Huzzah!

Phil's stomach is much better. He's been taking his anti-nausea meds and going to bed earlyish which appears to help. I'm not used to him being sick so that's hard. But we know this is all temporary and the end result will be worth all the vomit and constipation that chemotherapy (and pregnancy for that matter) throws our way.

If you ordered your bracelets before October 26 you should have received them by now, with the exception of those who live overseas (it'll take a little longer) and those of you who mailed checks (they will be going out this weekend) and my brother (I'm a slacker dude, sorry). If any of the rest of you wonderful dearhearts still haven't received your bracelets by Friday please send an email to CancerKicker at gmail dot com and we'll run a check to make sure it got sent to the right place. Also, I tried emailing people individually if a quantity wasn't specified (I know the Paypal buttons make that impossible- sorry about that) but I didn't get responses from a few dozen people so I just went ahead and sent a handful to those folks. If that's you and you wanted more than you got, please let me know via the CancerKicker email and we'll get some more to you.

For the record, we (me, Erin P., Jessica O. and my mom) have mailed out around 800 bracelets, and still have several hundred more to go. So once again I want to thank you not only for your generosity (Like, wow, you guys. For real.) but also for your patience and if we inadvertently missed your order please let me know and we'll correct that. We didn't mean for this to turn into a business, and my businessy skills are seriously lacking so that's why it's taking fo-evah and is kind of a shoddy operation.

Welp, time for some shut-eye. I'm sure we will update more tomorrow. Peace, friends.

Addendum by Phil:
I really appreciate receiving photos of folks rocking the Cancer Kicker bracelets [like the pics posted here] with the requirement you are posed to dominate Multiple Myeloma with us. Here's a good example of a friend, Zak, who is not only supporting the cause to dominate MM, but also is an inspiration to his wife who is currently dominating breast cancer:


Carol said...

I',m glad to know you're doing better this round. I just finished week one, we'll see what the next week brings other then the lovely constipation!!!

Cassie said...

Carol, I hope you sail smoothly through! Stay on top of that Senna. =) Take care.

{(C)} said...

You are totally slacking! I promise, however, when I get my bracelets I will take pictures of me in weird places showing them off and send them to you with captions like "Kicking cancer in the Castro (the gay district)" or "Kicking cancer in the Tenderloin (the crackhead district)" or "Kicking cancer in Oakland (a post-apocalyptic wasteland across the bay where my girlfriend lives)."