Sunday, November 29, 2009

Endoscopy results

I just realized that we never really updated with the results of last week's Upper GI Endoscopy. First of all, you should know that Phil refused to be knocked out for the procedure which, frankly, creeped me out. But he wanted to watch while they did it so he gagged his way through it and did great I'm told (I wasn't permitted to be present which is just as well because I would have vomited without question).

So it was determined that there is no obstruction (which we figured) and no ulcer (which we were relieved to hear) so they're pretty sure that the Velcade basically sort of shut off Phil's digestive system. The only thing they can do is treat symptoms so he's on the Reglan which contracts the stomach and intestines, forcing food through the digestive tract, and he's supposed to be* eating small, frequent meals so stuff doesn't just sit in his stomach.

*I'm seeing firsthand that old habits die hard, and neither of us is thrilled about my micro-management of Phil's portion sizes, but that is my current lot in life I suppose, and a small price to pay for vomit-free evenings.

The other thing is that they cut down his Velcade dose, as we mentioned earlier, which seems to have made things a lot easier this week.

So there's the update. Also, we're in the throes of Dexmania over here, but I'll take that over the awful events of the preceding weeks. Bring on the subdivision plans!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. OH... and another shipment of wristbands is going out
tomorrow. Sorry about the delay!


Baj Family said...

Thanks for the updates! Phil, you are one sick puppy my friend. Why would you watch that procedure? Well, one more thing you dominated...I guess.

tim's wife said...

You are hardcore Phil. Though after the whopper allergic reaction to demerol I had with a similar test, I'd think about it myself if
they'd give me a big ol' valium first. Glad it all turned out OK.